Press Release Submission Tips: How to Send a Press Release to the Local Media

Press Release Submission Tips: How to Send a Press Release to the Local Media

If you own a local business that both targets online and offline audience, your press release syndication should not only include Online SEO Press Release Distribution websites, but more importantly your press releases should also be distributed to your local media outlets to ensure that you won’t miss those audience who still prefer to consume traditional media over the modern one.

Tips on Submitting Press Releases to Local Media

One of the obstacles in owning a start-up business is on getting contacts and connections when it comes to distributing your press releases to the local media.  Here are some tips that may help you expedite your press release distribution.
Hire a press release distribution company – The easiest and most hassle-free way of submitting your press releases to your local media is by making use of press release submission services, which also offers distribution to the local media.  Though this may cost you a little, it’s worth it especially if you are hands on with your business.  You don’t want to waste your precious time doing a work that can just be easily delegated, right?
Create a list of your local media websites – If you prefer the hassle way, you can start by creating a list of all your local media websites.  This is a tedious task since there are still lots of local tabloids or radio stations, which have no websites.
Get the emails and contacts ready 2 months before your target press release date – After you created a list of all your local media websites, you need to visit them one by one and get their email addresses. Some don’t display emails and just ask their visitors to contact them through a contact form.

Write your press release article a month before the target date – Always write your press releases ahead of time to give you ample of chances to edit and revise them.   The target date is the date wherein the event or changes in your company is expected to happen.

Submit press release  1 week before your target date – Submit your press releases to the local media either through email or contact form 1 week before your scheduled event. This is to give journalists or reporter a week to respond to your query.

Make a follow-up – Always make sure to do a follow-up in every press release that you submit.  Make a follow up through email or by phone.  You should do these 3 to 2 days before the scheduled event.
Your Online Business and the Traditional Media

Your online business getting an exposure on local tabloids and newspapers can help you gain exposure and strong reputation.  Aside from the fact that it can increase direct visitors to your website, it also gives local audience an impression that you have a stable business and you have credible services and products that even the local media trusted your brand by sharing a story about your company in their publication.
Despite the rise of online media, most people still have strong regards on the quality of information brought by the traditional media.  The traditional media is an established information authority with undisputed credibility.

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