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Does Your Website Display Keyword Focus? Start using Internet Marketing tools from Vision Smart.

The focus of keyword placement seems paramount to many who seek to optimize their websites. However, many Internet Marketing experts fail to inform clients that search engines are attuned to finding keywords that correspond with a theme based on what users are searching for. Therefore, keyword placement to achieve higher search engine rankings is only effective if it is used in conjunction with an accompanying easily identifiable goal or theme.

Many websites are not attractive to search engines because of a lack of focus in content. Search engines are often unable to find clarity in presented, seemingly unrelated information, and therefore fail to rank website pages that do not clearly show relevance to user queries. SEO siloing can help structure content so that it presents a well-defined theme, and prove that a page is relevant to a specific search query. This advanced SEO technique used by Vision Smart News architecture helps to categorize keyword groups within one’s website so that search engines find value for users when making the decision of whether to index a particular section.

Websites that receive the highest search engine rankings are those which display not only page relevancy with keywords, but also relevancy of page content as part of a designated section of a website, presenting a synergy comparable to a well organized manuscript.

Viewing optimization efforts in terms of their being analogous to the tools needed to complete a best selling novel can help one keep focus on organizing content in accordance with a chosen theme. Doing so can help prevent one’s site from getting lost in the pile of many websites that get overlooked by search engines, some of which users would find extremely useful, all because they fail to display a clear connection of content with a relevant theme.

Google Engineer Matt Cutts discusses themes and latent semantic indexing in the following article.

SMX Video – Google’s Matt Cutts Discusses Themes and Latent

Having worked closely with latent semantic indexing, during my time at FI, I’ve become a big advocate of making sure …

Publish Date: 06/11/2007 12:09

Simply put, a website built using SEO siloing using latent semantic concept ranks better and can achieve lesser inbound links.

To learn more about effective SEO techniques please get in touch with Vision Smart News.

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