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Dallas, Texas (—-) — Search engine optimization (SEO) has taken the Internet marketing world by storm, sending companies into overdrive finding ways to boost their web rankings not just nationwide, but in their local areas as well.
Local SEO is comprised of a few different factors, which makes it so powerful for small businesses. When conducting a search for say, Dallas carpet cleaners, a search for “carpet cleaners” will result in the top 10 web sites and a map with what has been coined the Google 7-Pack.
The Google 7 Pack are local business listings on Google Maps, which appears when a web user conducts a search for a local businesses and include the location such as “carpet cleaner Dallas” or “carpet cleaner Dallas, TX” The 7 Pack showed up near the top of the search engine results page, second only to the pay-per-click results.

People searching for local businesses are usually BUYING CUSTOMERS in your local service area. This, and because of the prominent positioning on the search results page, is why you should put in the time and effort to get your business listed there.Coming up the back, however, is a new trend that just might alter how SEO is done. Local SEO targets a particular area and maximizes it. Search engines (read: Google) have noticed this trend and are making changes to their algorithms in order to help smaller businesses be found easier and larger businesses solidify their ranking by zeroing in on their local markets.
Since a sign of the times is that people are now using their smart phones to find local businesses, local SEO can tap into this market and help companies climb onto the first page of web results.
Local SEO is quickly becoming recognized as the best bet to be found if a business desires more visibility for their website. In that same vein, search engine giant Google has worked tirelessly to make web searches appear with an increased amount of local results including the local business results and Google Maps and Google Places. In that regard, most other search engines are following in those footsteps. Sooner rather than later, local SEO will become the main way that users find companies in their area.
OneSEOCompany is a Dallas-based leading search engine optimization firm that offers cutting-edge, professional local and nationwide search engine optimization services for organic online advertising that drives more visitors and works to increase their clients’ bottom line.
If your company is in need of an Internet marketing overhaul, are if you are interested in local search engine optimization marketing, contact a search engine optimization expert today for a free consultation or search engine optimization tips to help enhance your business success!
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