Press Release Submission Tips: How to Send a Press Release to the Local Media

Press Release Submission Tips: How to Send a Press Release to the Local Media

If you own a local business that both targets online and offline audience, your press release syndication should not only include Online SEO Press Release Distribution websites, but more importantly your press releases should also be distributed to your local media outlets to ensure that you won’t miss those audience who still prefer to consume traditional media over the modern one.

Tips on Submitting Press Releases to Local Media [Read more...]

Internet marketing software Vision Smart uses Latent semantic indexing

Does Your Website Display Keyword Focus? Start using Internet Marketing tools from Vision Smart.

The focus of keyword placement seems paramount to many who seek to optimize their websites. However, many Internet Marketing experts fail to inform clients that search engines are attuned to finding keywords that correspond with a theme based on what users are searching for. Therefore, keyword placement to achieve higher search engine rankings is only effective if it is used in conjunction with an accompanying easily identifiable goal or theme. [Read more...]

Dallas orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hansen, M.D offers specialized treatment

Upper extremity disorders, specifically in the shoulder, elbow, and hand, can hinder a person’s quality of life and limit their ability to carry on even the most basic tasks.
Since 1984, Dr. Phillip E. Hansen, M.D. has specialized in disorders of the upper extremities at Orthopedic Associates of Dallas, including sports injuries, rehabilitation, arthroscopy, arthritis surgery, trauma and fractures, nerve injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome, joint replacement surgery, on-the-job injuries and other causes of pain or loss of function. [Read more...]

Boost Online Brand with Google Local Places – One SEO Company

Dallas, Texas (—-) — Search engine optimization (SEO) has taken the Internet marketing world by storm, sending companies into overdrive finding ways to boost their web rankings not just nationwide, but in their local areas as well.
Local SEO is comprised of a few different factors, which makes it so powerful for small businesses. When conducting a search for say, Dallas carpet cleaners, a search for “carpet cleaners” will result in the top 10 web sites and a map with what has been coined the Google 7-Pack. [Read more...]